Slovakia university team unveiled new logo

15 may 2023

The author of the logo is the well-known Slovak graphic designer Peter Buček, who has worked on the visual design of many Olympic memorials, sports publications and designs, as well as official collections of clothing for athletes.

How was the new Slovakia University Team logo created?

“My goal was to visually connect the Slovak national team and education at a glance. I discovered two letters in the inscription that could be transformed into a book icon and that’s how we came up with the idea of creating the logo.”

Peter Buček is an experienced graphic designer who has created complex visual identities for all the European Youth Olympic Festivals and last year brightened up Slovakia’s largest multi-sport event, the EYOF in Banská Bystrica.

“The logo needs to be simple so that it can be used on different materials and in different ways. The new logo of the Slovak University Team is exactly that and I believe that not only the athletes will like it.”

Peter himself has a positive relationship to the sport, having paddled under the wings of Slávia UK Bratislava as a speed canoeist. “I follow university sport and it’s great to have the opportunity to pursue my sporting career alongside my studies. I wish our athletes great results at the FISU World University Games in China.”