Slovak University athletes make their home in Chengdu

JULY 26, 2023
Lukostrelci v dedine športovcov

Slovak university athletes are coming to the venue of the 31st World University Games in Chengdu, China. Collegiate sports, which need time to play, were the first to arrive at the Athletes’ Village, located on the Chengdu University campus. “Basketball and water polo players have been training in Chengdu since Friday. We have 64 athletes in the athletes’ village the day before the official opening ceremony and they will attend the flag-raising ceremony in the Games Village on the eve of the opening ceremony. While our tennis players and shooters will have their first training sessions at their respective venues later today, other athletes are already starting their competitions. Our archers and water polo players will be the first to perform.” said Peter Hamaj, head of the Slovak team.

Slovak swimmers are already training in the village under the baton of Matej Kuchar. As their competition pool is not officially open yet, they have a pool in the athletes’ village under the windows of the Slovak team’s accommodation complex. The Slovak judoka are training daily at the Huaxi Campus training hall and their first competitive bouts start on July 30. 

Olympic-sized athletes’ village

The Athletes’ Village at the FISU World University Games can accommodate 11,000 people in 6,600 single and double rooms. The entire Village is divided into four sectors – the residential zone, the operational zone, the international zone and the transport zone. It includes a dining area with a capacity of up to 4,340 seats… The two dining rooms in the Athletes’ Village, covering an area of approximately 17,000 square metres, operate 20 hours a day and the menu changes every seven days. The athletes have access to dishes from various countries in Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia. Transportation in the village is handled by golf buses, which athletes can use for transport to the dining room, for example, or to the transport zone, from where they go to the sports field or training hall.

In addition to accommodation and meals, the athletes are also provided with training facilities such as a fitness centre, athletics oval, swimming pool, basketball or tennis courts.

Chengdu Athletes Village
Chengdu Athletes Village
Chengdu Athletes Village