Permits for firearms and medicines en route to China

JUNE 2, 2023

Slovakia will send athletes in 16 sports to the FISU Chengdu 2021 World University Games. The most complicated path among them is for shooting sports, whose air rifles, pistols and ammunition need to be registered two months in advance of the event, according to the protocol. The Chinese organiser’s security measures are set at the highest level.

“The administration and logistics of transporting the shooters’ weapons takes the longest of all sports,” confirmed the head of the Slovak University Team, Peter Hamaj. “For each weapon or ammunition that our shooters will carry to China, it is necessary to fill in full production data, details of quantity, manufacturer or value of the weapon and ammunition as part of the registration process. In addition to the individual information, the organiser requires details of the athletes and the flights they will be taking to China. In addition, the entry to the athletes’ village will have the strictest security measures and the weapons and ammunition will not pass through the checkpoint, so they will be taken from the athletes at the airport and separately transported directly to the sporting venue.” Slovakia will be represented at the FISU World University Games in Chengdu by 5 shooters, 4 men and one woman. “Our shooters will go to China with medal ambitions,” said Ivan Horciak from the Slovak Shooting Association. “Šulek – Kyselová have a chance in the mix and in the team competitions the trio of Fabo, Copák and Mitra will shoot both air pistol and small calibre. In addition, Marek Copák, who reached the 8-man final in rapid fire pistol at both the European and World Championships last year, will surely be aiming for the top positions in the individual competition as well.”
Shooting events at the FISU World University Games Chengdu 2021 will be held from 29 July to 2 August at the Sport Shooting School and a total of 18 sets of medals will be awarded.

Medicines for athletes under scrutiny
There is also a complicated administrative process in relation to the medical provision of our team and the medicines that are essential for our athletes. Andrej Kirn, the team’s chief physician, who already has experience from the winter version of the FISU World University Games, which took place in January in Lake Placid, USA, explained the details: ‘We will be transporting to China mainly analgesics, i.e. pain-relieving drugs, as well as antipyretics to reduce body temperature and possibly antibiotics. As far as injuries are concerned, there is fast medical care at the individual venues to take care of any injuries the athletes may have, including transport to the nearest hospital.” The process of registering and transporting medications is a bit more complicated for the Chinese Universiade than it is for Lake Placid. “In addition to the actual list of medications, we have to list the active ingredient for each medication. In total, we will be transporting approximately a 30-kilogram suitcase full of medications for over 60 athletes to China,” added Andrei Kirn.

The nominal entries of the Slovak team in each individual sports will be known after 15 June.